3-21-2019  SCAMC Member Workshop Feedback Summary

SCAMC members were asked what changes they would like to have in their overall compensation package that were important to them.   In recognizing the cost and implementation challenges with changes, members were asked to place their ideas in three categories based on their perception of the difficulty that County would have in putting the ideas into place.  Below are the three categories with descriptions and ideas listed in a quick bullet format.


A valley is a low area between hills or mountains typically with a river running through it. 

Goals that are considered to be easier to achieve are at a Valley level.

  • 1 day per week telecommute requirement

  • 4/10 work schedule for management

  • 60/40 weighted average (Plan A vs Plan B) in calculating overall compensation package for use in compensation studies.

  • Ability to buyback/sell accrued vacation hours on an annual basis

  • Ability to convert sick leave to vacation (no longer pensionable)

  • Allow at least $2,000 of wellness/staff development to rollover from one fiscal year to the next

  • Expand uses of Wellness/Staff Development choices

  • Flex Schedule option for all members

  • Increase County contribution to Deferred Compensation

  • Increase in vacation and sick leave accrual rates

  • Increase sick leave accrual amount to 5 hours per paycheck

  • Increase staff development amount to align with costs of industry trainings

  • Increase vacation accrual maximum limit

  • Increase wellness/staff  development annual amount to $2,000

  • Integrate State Disability Insurance into the benefits package. 

  • Longevity (bonus pay)  rolled into an HRA

  • Longevity pay beginning with employees with 5+ years of in-service time

  • More flexible spending choices with wellness/staff development program with the ability to roll over unspent dollars into the next fiscal year


  • Parental Care Leave- paid leave (like PPL)

  • Parity in compensation to the highest negotiated contract.  Parity with top pay position

  • Parity w/highest negotiated package

  • Premium pay for law enforcement related positions that require an extensive background check and are hard to recruit to fill

  • SCAMC annual membership fee being paid for through a payroll deduction

  • SDI- County vrsion

  • SDI participation

  • Telecommuting

  • The ability to transfer the dollar equivalent amount of vacation hours to Deferred Compensation

  • Vacation buyback

  • Ability to exceed maximum vacation accrual amount when working in the Emergency Operations Center or  performing work related to an EOC activation.  Currently if you exceed the 480 limit during an activation you lose any additional vacation time accrued. 


The Tree Line is the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing. It is found at high elevations and high latitudes. Beyond the tree line, trees cannot tolerate the environmental conditions.

Goals that are considered to take considerable effort, but not beyond reach are at a Tree Line level.

  • Benefits - cafeteria style plan

  • Cafeteria plan for benefits

  • Carpool or vehicle allowance for those who had to move out of town (travel stipend)

  • Change from using the higher Plan A members amounts in total compensation comparison studies

  • Department Analyst job class broken into 3 tiers to help develop staff and create a career path classification

  • First time home buyer group

  • Home buyer assistance. Similar to SEIU/home owner assistance benefit

  • HSA employer contribution differential

  • Incentivize higher education through a stipend to achieve certifications and licenses

  • Increase 457 contribution amount

  • Longevity bonus in vacation and salary

  • Longevity/Retention bonus

  • Monetary incentive (i.e. bonus structure) working on special projects

  • Non-pensionable bonus (cash)

  • Other opportunities to use vacation time for other purposes (i.e. donate to people on FMLA)

  • Parental leave and other uses for people not having children

  • Reconsideration of what a “child” is defined as in benefit applications

  • Regularly scheduled 3 year equity adjustment studies

  • Rolling schedule-equity study


 Mountaintop generally refers to the summit of a mountain.

Goals that are difficult require much effort and perseverance are considered to be at a Mountaintop level.

  • 4%+ COLA differential than represented employees

  • Due to the intensity of the background process a 5% premium for Law Enforcement/Probation

  • Bonus paid for performance program

  • Calculate retirement benefits based on Plan B members for compensation studies

  • Cash = no benefits

  • Change full time work schedule to be a 36 hour work week

  • Close County operations on Fridays

  • Discount property taxes for County employees

  • End the 40 hour work week for FT status (i.e. work 36 hours or less)

  • Greater increase in medical contribution by the County

  • Increase County medical contribution to be more than the Sutter plan as baseline (80% of Kaiser)

  • Increase professional development to include paid time for training

  • Medical compensation during retirement

  • Paid family leave (expand beyond children)

  • Property tax credit for County employees/low and medium housing to County employees

  • Property tax reduction for County employees

  • Retirement package with medical


Other incentives:

  • 4% COLA- different from the other MOU’s/Union- put into deferred compensation-VSIP

  • 5% premium pay for Law Enforcement related positions

  • 60/40 weighted average of benefits calculations used in compensation studies

  • Cash bonus- 1x lump sum again (or bigger)

  • Closed on Fridays

  • County HRA account

  • County picks up larger share of pension (bigger reimbursement piece)

  • Department Analyst should be a series, i.e. I, II, III.

  • Extra pay for positions that require a Professional license or accreditation

  • Flex scheduling

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) for high deductible plans w/employer contribution for the differential (between plans)

  • HRA contribution for active employees and retirees

  • Increase deferred compensation match by the County

  • Increase the deferred compensation County contribution

  • Increase vacation accrual cap

  • Longevity bonus, i.e. 5% for 5 years

  • MTO- Christmas time 2x


  • Professional development fund

  • Raise vacation accrual limit

  • Retention bonus

  • Retention bonuses every 5 years

  • Unused staff development funds pooled back to use for staff incentive

  • Use Plan B costs for compensation studies and equity adjustments

  • Vacation buyback (reinstate)

Vacation= 80 hour buyback or have ability to place in deferred compensation. Cash out figure is IRS/not pensionable